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Title/Notices Uploading Date
NIQ - Repair and renovation of USBT Green House Facility 19-03-2019
NIQ - AMC for fish aquariums 19-03-2019
Investment of funds of Rs.109 Cr. Approx. 14-03-2019
NIT - Providing and fixing Shed in the balcony of Warden house of GH-I and GH-II 08-03-2019
NIT - Road repair works in various location of GGSIPU 08-03-2019
NIT - Annual rate contract for refilling of toners/ cartridges for printers/ Photocopiers of the University including replacement of drum, wiper, doctor blade, magnate & PCR 01-03-2019
NIT - Providing and fixing IRC jaali in courtyard of Wing A Examination, Admin Block 25-02-2019
NIT - Printing of Edited Book Under UGC SAP DRS-I 14-02-2019
NIQ - Repair of Air Washer No. 1 for cooling system of D.G. Room 12-02-2019
NIQ - Supply and Installation of Lab Equipment for University School of Biotechnology 11-02-2019
February 2019
January 2019