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Title/Notices Uploading Date
Quotation for Double Beam UV-VIS Spectrophotometer (Indigenous) 21-04-2017
Investment of funds of CPF Trust of GGSIPU Rs.18.50 Cr Approx. 13-04-2017
Cancellation of Tender No. 30/PUR/GGSIPU/2016-17, Tender Id: 2017_GGSIPU_125907_1 11-04-2017
Cancellation of TENDER NO: 002- /GGSIPU/USBT/NR/INDO-UK/2016-17, TENDER ID NO. 2017_GGSIP_123172_1, 10-04-2017
Cancellation of TENDER NO: 003-RE/GGSIPU/USBT/D/2016-17, TENDER ID NO2017_GGSIP_126287_1 05-04-2017
Cancellation of Tender No. 02/GGSIPU/USBT/D/FIST/2016-17, Tender ID: NO2017_GGSIP_122621_1 05-04-2017
Corrigendum - Tender No.32/PUR/GGSIPU/2016-17, Tender Id-2017_GGSIPU_126439_1 31-03-2017
NIQ - Repair and Maintenance of Fire Fighting Underground M.S. Pipe Line main road near ASS-1 LT room side 24-03-2017
Supply and Installation of Lab Equipment for CEPS 21-03-2017
NIQ - Supply and Installation of Lab Equipment for UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF BIO TECHNOLOGY 21-03-2017
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