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Title/Notices Uploading Date
NIT-Setting up research lab 14-08-2017
NIT-Repair & Maintenance of office, lab, hostel, class room & other academic related Furniture Items at Dwarka Campus of GGSIP University 11-08-2017
NIT - Miscellaneous repairs and maintenance works 2017-18 04-08-2017
Annual Comprehensive Maintenance of Johnson Make Lifts of C Block, Girls Hostels and Type IV & V quarters 03-08-2017
Investment of funds of CPF Trust of GGSIP University Rs.4.00 Cr. Approx. 27-07-2017
NIT - Setting up research lab 21-07-2017
NIT - Providing & Fixing External Signage Boards of various location in University Campus 21-07-2017
NIT - Locating LT Cable Faults and making straight through Joints at various 21-07-2017
NIQ- Ultrasound Setup, USCT 18-07-2017
NIQ- Allotment of various shops in GGSIPU campus 11-07-2017
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