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Title/Notices Uploading Date
Inviting quotations for the Purchase of COOH Functionalized Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes. 16-10-2018
NIQ - Repair of Air Washer No. 1 for cooling system of D.G. Room 12-10-2018
NIT- Supply of Plumbing Items 10-10-2018
NIQ-Civil modification in security office adjacent to main gate 09-10-2018
Investment of funds of Rs.481.60 Cr Approx. 28-09-2018
NIQ - Annual operation and Comprehensive Maintenance of Heating ventilation Air conditioning System (HVAC) at GGSIPU 27-09-2018
NIT - Maintenance of CO2 fire flooding system in Sub stations. 27-09-2018
NIT - Supplying, Installation, testing and commissioning of High Mast lighting system and external lights in the University campus 27-09-2018
NIT - Supply of sports equipments /items 27-09-2018
NIT- Repair of solar water heating system at terrace of hostels 27-09-2018
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