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Title/Notices Uploading Date
Face Lifting works for convocation 2017 20-02-2017
NIQ for Replacement of rain water pipe 18-02-2017
NIQ- Extension of height of M. S. Boundary Wall of Day Care Centr 14-02-2017
Investment of funds of Rs.71.50 Cr. Approx. 13-02-2017
NIQ- Supply and Installation of Water Purification System (USBT) 13-02-2017
NIQ- Supply & Installation of lab equipments (USEM) 13-02-2017
NIQ-Replacement of rain water pipe 10-02-2017
NIQ-Misc Works at Various Locations 10-02-2017
NIQ - Lab equipment for USBAS 06-02-2017
NIQ- Supply & Installation of Lab equipment for USBT 06-02-2017
February 2017
January 2017