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Title/Notices Uploading Date
Theory Examination Center for BAMS 1st Prof. Examinations Sep./Oct. 2017 14-09-2017
Proposed Theory and Practical Date Sheet for annual Examinations (October 2017) for Programme: BHMS (1st Year) 14-09-2017
Proposed Theory & Practical Date Sheet for SUPPLEMENTARY Examinations (OCTOBER 2017) for Programme: BDS 14-09-2017
Minor Test Date Sheet, USAP 13-09-2017
Notice / Schedule of Minor Examinations-USBAS 12-09-2017
Final THEORY Date Sheet for Examinations (September/October 2017) for Programme: BAMS 1st Professional (Regular & Reappear) 12-09-2017
Final Practical Date Sheet for Examinations (Oct.2017) for Programme: BAMS 1st Professional (Regular & Reappear) 12-09-2017
Date Sheet Minor Exam -USBT 12-09-2017
Theory Date Sheet for End Term Examinations (September 2017) for Programme: Ph. D. Course Work (USM & PMHS) 09-09-2017
Schedule of Minor Test for M.Tech. Weekend Programme, USICT 07-09-2017
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