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Title/Notices Uploading Date
ATAL FDP on Recent Trends and Challenges in Image Processing and Computer Vision 24-11-2021
Invitation for Online Faculty Development Programme (USE) - National Educational Policy 2020: A Roadmap for future India 22-10-2021
USBT Distinguished Lectures in Life Sciences - Ribosome Biogenesis and [Fe-S] Pathway Proteins in Organelles of the Malaria Parasite
International Webinar on ICA- would it ever go greener? Diversity, inclusiveness, sustainability, and cultural latitude in and through ICA 06-10-2021
Workshop of Behavioral Skill Enhancement for Research Scholars N 17-09-2021
Seminar on Start-up Landscape in India: adjusting with the Pandemic 08-09-2021
National Webinar - Social, Legal and Historical Perspectives on the status of De-notified, Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Communities in India 27-08-2021
Call for papers for International Doctoral Research e-Conference 2021 - Contemporary Issues in Management Research 25-06-2021
Call Papers- Indraprastha Technology Law Journal, USLLS 08-04-2021
Call Papers- Indraprastha Technology Law Journal, USLLS 08-04-2021
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