11th Feb - 13th Feb 2016

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Title/Notices Uploading Date
Organising Team 09-02-2016
Discipline Team 09-02-2016
Media Team 09-02-2016
Hospitality Team 09-02-2016
Office Team 09-02-2016
Ground Team 09-02-2016
Technical Team 09-02-2016
Anchoring Team 09-02-2016
Events Team 09-02-2016
Final Topics for Fine Arts events during Anugoonj 2016 09-02-2016
Final Topics for Fine Arts events during Anugoonj 2016 09-02-2016
schedule of various events during Anugoonj-2016 09-02-2016
Result of Prelims Zone-6 09-02-2016
Result of Prelims Zone-5 09-02-2016
Result of Prelims Zone-4 09-02-2016
Result of Prelims Zone-3 09-02-2016
Result of Prelims Zone-2 09-02-2016
Topic for Debate (Hindi & English: Anugoonj 2016 08-02-2016
Invitation for Anugoonj 2016 05-02-2016
Result of Literary Events (Zone I: USS) 04-02-2016
Important Instructions for entry of students in the campus of University during Anugoonj 2016 04-02-2016
Zone I: Prelims for Dramatics Event 01-02-2016
Zone I: Topic for Debate (Preliminary Round) 29-01-2016
Zone I: Schedule for Preliminary Rounds 29-01-2016
Office Order regarding members of committee nominated for organizing events of Anugoonj-2016 smmothly 27-01-2016
Clarifications with to rules of various events of Anugoonj 2016 25-01-2016
Online and Offile Registration for prelims of Zone-1 25-01-2016
Zone II- Events Schedule of Day 22-01-2016
Zone III-Prelims Schedule 22-01-2016
Zone IV- Prelims Schedule 22-01-2016
Zone V-Prelims Schedule 22-01-2016
Zone VI-Prelims Schedule 22-01-2016
Link for registration for prelims of Zone 1 in all events of Anugoonj 2016 22-01-2016
Form to volunteer for coordinating Anugoonj 2016 22-01-2016
Order: deputed Officers / University Representative to inspect preliminary round of various events 21-01-2016
Anchoring Auditions for Anugoonj 2016 20-01-2016
Poster making competition for Anugoonj 2016 20-01-2016
Organization of USS Prelims 19-01-2016
NIQ: Food Stalls during Anugoonj 2016 13-01-2016
Inviting Proposals for Sponsorship - Anugoonj 2016 13-01-2016
Format for institutes to submit the name of participants to the Zone 08-01-2016
Format for Zones to submit the results of various events to the Directorate of Students' Welfare 08-01-2016
Event of Anugoonj-2016 05-01-2016
General Instruction / Rules for Particpants in various event of anugoonj-2016 05-01-2016
Zonal wise list of the USS/ Affiliated institute for participating in the prelims of various event 05-01-2016
Order- Various Committee for planning, organising and executing the 17th Annual Festivals "Anugoonj 2016" 30-12-2015
Minutes of Meeting of all representatives of the institutes for organising prelims and final events of anugoonj 2016 30-12-2015
Meeting of all Directors/Representatives for organizing University's Annual Cultural Festival 'Anugoonj -2016' 15-12-2015