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In keeping with the grand vision incorporating the larger social responsibilities of the University, the School has its eyes set at much higher goals than just producing quickly employable media students. We are grooming our pupils to emerge as strategic decision makers for tomorrow’s media business that would not be bereft of ethical and moral values in its quest for profits. It is in this backdrop that USMC aims to impart to its students an excellent mix of the domain knowledge and skills.

Media industry in India is growing at a fast pace next only to telecommunications. For meeting the growing demand of the industry, we need well educated and trained media professionals. Moreover, the growth in the industry also demands relevant research inputs to maintain its tempo. Thus, a good number of competent and qualified researchers are also required. With this in view, the GGSIPU management decided to upgrade the University Centre for Media Studies (UCMS) to the University School of Mass Communication (USMC) during the 2010-11 session. As elsewhere in the country, the media courses of USMC have become some of the most sought after programmes in the university.