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Interview with Dr. Amit Prakash

Anukriti Jain

Q. We have heard that construction of the new IPU campus has just started. What are your plans for the new campus?
A. The new campus is the Surajmal Vihar campus, East Delhi. As far as IT infrastructure services are concerned, we will deploy latest 40 GB OFC network, fully Wi-Fi with the e-governance software which will be deployed through a centralized server room.
Q. What are the changes that you would like to bring to the infrastructure of this campus?
A. Our university campus is new, in fact, it is only 3 years old. If we think about improvements, we don’t need any major up-grades, we just need some plug-ins as per today’s demands. These plug-ins include a fully Wi-Fi campus, Biometric Attendance etc. which we can implement for the faculty and students. Other changes like CCTV installation are also part of IT infrastructure that we plan to bring to the campus.
Q. If we talk about USICT, there are insufficient lab equipments in various labs. What measures do you plan to take to tackle this issue?
A. Last year we just missed the opportunity to obtain equipments for dedicated electronics lab like microwave, satellite, optical fibre lab. However, we have procured some equipment in the last few months. The purchase of equipments for the microwave lab is under process, and we expect to procure all the required devices by the end of this financial year. Because of some technical specifications and high cost, we were lacking these facilities, but by the end of this year, we ensure that every lab would be well equipped.
Q. Where do you see our university in next 10 years?
A. It all depends how hard we work. As we have established most of the labs and our faculty strength is up to the mark, now we expect that we will grow very fast and our growth would be visible within the next year. The growth will be visible in terms of placements, technical festivals etc. These are the parameters that help us interact with the industry and that judge our performance in the market and the industry. We are expecting that the University would come up with bright colours.
Q. What would your message be to the students of USS?
A. My message would be that students should attend their classes regularly and work hard. As there are only a limited number of classes conducted every semester, if classes are attended regularly, students would see a difference in learning and teaching. We are planning to start summer training courses for students on topics like .net, java etc. which is the need of the industry. So, I ask all the students to focus more and achieve better.