Post Conference Workshop

IASA 10th World Congress 2022

Matters of Life: Human Shades and Scapes

Post Conference Workshop

International American Studies Association

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University

25th November - 27th November, 2022

Udaipur, Rajasthan

Improvisation and spontaneity remain at the core of theatre, painting and sculpting. Every time one looks at a great work of art, one has something substantial to imbibe. Art communicates overtly and covertly to enrich human sensibility and sensitivity. Art, in its various forms, gets defined by its quality of irreducibility to verbal description. Understanding art in its broadest and spontaneous sense, as a universal human endowment makes imperative a journey that takes one beyond its theoretical understanding and into the realm of praxis where theatre turns into a lived performance, painting turns into an immersive experience and sculpting becomes a play with forms. The proposed workshop is an artistic step in that direction.

Workshop Location: Udaipur, India

Dates: 25th November to 27th November, 2022

About the Workshop

The workshop on 'Theatre, Painting and Sculpting' aims to deliberate and closely investigate the interrelation of theatre, painting and sculpting to further understand the various strands and shades of human life as well as matters related to it at aesthetic and philosophical levels. The School of Humanities & Social Sciences, Guru Gobind Singh IP University has been organising Performing and Visual Arts workshops for about a decade in order to introduce the participants to the nuances of performing arts like theatre, visual arts, sculpting and painting. Udaipur-the workshop venue - has a rich cultural history and tradition of various forms of art, especially painting and sculpting. The workshop will include dedicated sessions by master craftsmen and renowned Indian painters and sculptors. In addition to this, there would be a session by the local artisans on the world-renowned Rajasthani Block-Art style cloth printing. The venue for the workshop has been carefully selected by the organisers to give the participants one-of-a-kind experience being surrounded by world heritage sites on the outskirts of the city of lakes, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India.

Workshop Venue: Heritage Resort, located at Lake Bagela, sits right behind Sahastrabahu Temple, the partially ruined Hindu temple complex, dating back to the 10th century CE, with intricate stone carvings. The Sahastrabahu Temple is also an ASI protected site.

Workshop Registration Fee




Single Occupancy



Rs. 15000/-

Double Occupancy



Rs. 12000/-

 Note: The Workshop registration is on a first-come first-served basis and has only 30 slots.  It is open for both international and national delegates.

Workshop Registration Fee includes:

  • 3 days accommodation at resort
  • Workshop kit
  • 3 meals per day for 3 days
  • Entry to all workshop sessions
  • Guided heritage walk to the heritage site
  • Printed certificate of participation

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