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CEPS was established in 2014 with an objective to bring basic and interdisciplinary sciences together on a common platform.

CEPS is located within the academically-enriched campus of Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University. Since its inception, CEPS has been performing well in the area of translational research. CEPS has been at the forefront of basic research in diverse fields of Chemistry and Biology, especially those addressing important human health issues. The research is focused on answering these challenging issues through approaches that integrate modern and conventional disciplines including Natural Products Chemistry, Antidepressant and Antiviral Activity of various substituents, Synthesis of Potential Bioactive Scaffolds, Molecular modeling Studies to decipher the mechanism of Action of various Pharmacophores on Biological Receptors. The contributions made by the students, research scholars and faculties of CEPS have gained recognition through publications in renowned scientific journals, and awards at various scientific platforms.

Our Vision: This Centre envisages promoting excellence in research and teaching in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Designing at national and international level, and facilitates transfer of technology and know-how between Academia and Industry.

Our Mission: To be outstanding and renowned for excellence in discovery and advancement of science-based use of medicines, ancient Indian herbs and other interventions to enhance the vitality and quality of life.


Research: CEPS promotes the excellence in research by strengthening the infrastructure and innovation culture by exploring novel paradigms to address societal, national and global challenges. The Centre has played a significant role in developing interdisciplinary research culture and has facilitated integrative learning.

Academics: CEPS has a goal for Academic Training and Teaching. For this very purpose, CEPS conducts various Workshops/Webinars/Lectures on various instruments and computational softwares by experts. Students are provided with Study Schemes, curriculum to be followed, academic guidelines, textual and support material, enrichment activities such as conducting surprise tests and quizzes for better learning and understanding of concepts.

Some of the Academic Achievements involve the in-house synthesis of pure chemical compounds that are novel in nature. Also potential pharmacophore with antifungal effects have been synthesized successfully. We are also trying to establish new pathways/approaches for the synthesis of novel chemical entities. The Centre has all the facilities to carry out complete testing of compounds for their anti-microbial activity. Centre has published papers in SCI indexed International Journals.

The centre is thankful to the Hon'ble Vice Chancellor for his constant encouragement and generous support.