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Garima Kalkal (USLLS)

The green room shenanigans, on stage practices, street performances and raging emotions; AVEKSHA is the lifeline of chatterboxes! The Dramatic Club Aveksha, under the prospect of Srijan, organized for the very first time a 2 day orientation and auditions cum workshop on 6th and 7th September, which had a remarkable turnout of over a 100 students. The newbies were welcomed by the senior students of Aveksha with their call song and were encouraged and oriented by the senior most members, Siddhant Talwar and Poorvi Choudary. The auditorium had a certain nervous, but at the same time an excited aura.

The 1st day, had the participants coming up on the stage, introducing themselves, their hobbies ,their area of interest and were given something to act upon, followed by a few interactive activities, whereas the 2nd day kick started early morning, with running and warm up exercises, followed by quite a few new and exciting activities. The students were given an insight on the working and training of Aveksha, the yearlong schedule and as to what is expected from each and every individual, first and foremost being commitment.

The auditions cum workshop ended with all the senior members and juniors sitting together, discussing about the activities of the day and what all is yet to come.