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Yagya Gupta (USCT)

College is all about shaking your legs on retro songs and your belly on the modish ones! A place where you will make friends for life, get the nerve to escapade, discover a new you, push your limits, explore all the hot and cool spots in and around college, have a heartbreak, give a heartbreak, assay your clothes every morning, caper endlessly to the beats of fun and joy and what not? College is a world full of gifts that unwrap themselves and give you a lesson and a memory for life. So how excited are you to find those gifts?

The following conversation is an extract of something almost all our freshers go through at least twice: "Which college did you get into?" "Ip, uncle, main campus" "Oh, it’s really easy to get in there, isn't it?" First of all, get over this stereotype. Stop degrading your worth because people who say it's easy can't themselves get where you are (trust me). How long are you going to rush for something and squander the opportunity to enjoy the full virtue of this time? School, tuitions , books, television, Facebook, Instagram, 150 likes, 500 likes! Our life was merely engulfed in things that were bestowed to us. This is the time when you need to look for something that really interests you and this college gives you plenty of opportunities for it.But what do you have to do? EXPLORE.

The college has a number of societies namely: swarmudra (the dance society), publication club, constitutional club, nature club, science club, film and photography club etc. Also, the faculty and the college is equally warm to the ones who want to come up with a new one. Do not be the one who only wants a change, try to be the change. For all the first years, it’s really important for you to get indulged in one or more societies if you want a real exposure, make good use of your time and energy and ameliorate your personality.

This college is a camp for seniors who are willing to do camping with you, if you are nice enough. NO ONE (emphasis intended) except them, is going to help you in whatever you may say. They will hang-out with you, play with you, party with you, give you life time advices and be a perfect mentor. So don't be afraid of them, be equally comfortable with them as well as you are with your batch mates. Enough of gyaan eh? Indeed, yes.

Let's talk about some cool spots to hangout in college. The coolest spot, to be literal, is college canteen where you have AC and can talk freely. Some really amazing memories are woven there everyday. Next is the library stairs. Sit over there with your gang, talk about crazy things, laugh out loud, spot hot people walking by, have your lunch and enjoy the rain in the season. Another most visited place is the Nescafe outlet in front of the library. You’ll hear kids yelling on phones, “Nescafe pe mil” because dude these people have ICED TEA which saves our but from the scorching sun midday. And then there’s every block's parking. The parkings are so pleasant, away from the heat and cold with enough space for all the crazy atoms and hyper active bones. Also, the football ground behind the hostel has a dossier on many people. The ground in front of the administration block is one of the nicest places to hangout in the evening and every time during winters. How cool is it to sit on the grass in a loop and have some real worthy life discussions?

Now the hot spots? To name a few, OAT (the backside of A and B block), a long walk from the college gate to staff quarters and the area near mass communication block. May the rest be explored.

IP is always juxtaposed with Delhi University and it always stands after it for a DU graduate. Obviously, the bulk of talent a DU student has, the cultural fests organized, the events round the year and most of all the students help it to cohere into a dynamic university. But once a DU graduate starts moving in this university with a will to shuck it, Amazing things will be swathed in their path. Also the students of this university are a lot more accepting than the ones you will find anywhere. Although not so happening things happen round the year but a lot more different, exciting, new and delightful things do. So you just need to get out of your carapace and move with an accepting and joyous heart because the people and college are waiting for each one of you to give a heartiest welcome.

So every new GGSIPU-ite, Explore yourself and the college to fix yourself into things that need a piece of you. Also don't forget to live the moments which will stupefy you every then and now and amidst of this all, don't get too easy on your subjects as well (‘cuz at the end of the day, all of us need a degree, don’t we?)