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Vision: To become an internationally recognized centre for education and research.

Mission: To generate new knowledge by offering graduate and post graduate programme and provide quality manpower with high employment potential in the present liberalised economic climate in the era of globalistaion.

The UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY recognizes the importance of chemical industry and the need for trained manpower , THE UNIVERSITY has taken the bold and visionary decision to start the University School of Chemical Technology ,the only one of its kind in this part of the country after IIT,DELHI , which began 35 years ago. The founding fathers concerned with education required in chemical industry showed extraordinary vision 80 years ago to recognise that education to provide trained manpower could be provided under two broad areas namely Unit Operations and Unit Processes . This framework still holds although it has evolved, expanded and continuously tuned over the last 8 decades to progressively include thermodynamics, reaction engineering ,process control, process economics , mathematical and numerical methods, computers ,process engineering,separation processes, catalysis hazard and safety etc. each one advancing in its own right with extensive research work both in academia and in industry . The School has been established with the twin objective of generating effective trained professionals and to keep pace with the R & D activities of this fast changing field of Chemical Technology. The B.Tech. /M.Tech.(integrated) programme being offered by the school is based on the pattern of I.I.T.'s and other national and international institutions of repute. The well structured programme is meant to impart comprehensive knowledge of various core chemical engineering subjects , interdisciplinary courses in Biotechnology, Information Technology, Environment Management , Management Studies through Electives,and industrial exposure through practical training in laboratories and Industrial Units.

School's Philosophy And Pedagogy: The school has been established to design and implement courses with aim of imparting qualitative education. The School also emphasizes the need to keep up with the latest developments in the field by constantly upgrading the syllabus. The school believes in close coordination with the industry on perpetual basis, which keeps it abreast with the ever changing scenario of the Chemical industry.

Thrust Areas

Despite the breadth and the divergence of the chemical industry the core discipline of this sector is chemical engineering . The first and foremost effort of the School Of Chemical Technology is to put in place a strong programme in Chemical Engineering with a modern syllabus, well equiped laboratories and acquire useful softwares like ASPEN PLUS and MATLAB and develop meaningful links with industry . With the above phase in control in the next 3-5 years we can add on some selected areas of Separation Technology so that a continual evolutionary process of reaching out to as wide a sector of Chemical Technology as possible and relevant is achieved . The fact that Schools of BioTechnology,Information Technology,Environmental Management and Management Studies are growing from the same stage as the University School of Chemical Technology to which all the others are very relevant is an added advantage . A strong School of Basic and Applied Sciences with significant strengths in chemistry is ofcourse an essential component. Chemistry is likely to be more important component of programme in Chemical Engineering and Chemical Technology in this century than it did in the century that has just gone by . With the availability of so much diverse resources on the campus interdisciplinary thrust areas will emerge in due course of time.