The need of the time is to keep pace with technological advancements, teaching methodology and research, in the light of fast changing scenario and business environment globally. As India marches into the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR4.0), the university is all set to respond as fast as possible by establishing the University School of Automation & Robotics covering the emerging areas like machine learning, data science, artificial intelligence, industrial IOT, etc. USAR has set vision to produce world-class engineers who will cater to the growing technological needs of the nation.

Technology has changed the lives of people globally with applications apparent in every walk of life. It empowers the younger generation with knowledge of recent advancements in this sector and provides them with a platform to work in various industries. Synergy between different technologies is being used to solve problems more efficiently and rigorously than ever before. We are slowly entering a stage where integrated technologies will become routine to most consumers. To meet the overwhelming demand for improvement in design, operation, maintenance and efficiency, engineering has to rise as a field to move consumers into a new era of technology.

The purpose of the school is to initiate continuous interaction with the industry, sharing the industry experiences, understanding industry needs and providing the required support to the corporate world, as well as opportunities to students to work in alliance with Industry. Facilities for students include well equipped library with books from diversified areas, periodicals and National & International Journals. The academic programmes are designed to enable growth and learning in a highly focused and application-based environment. This is achieved through a combination of formal lectures and hands-on experience in well equipped laboratories and through learning based projects. Creating environment of collaboration, experimentation, imagination and creativity is the goal of the school.