Centre for Human Values and Ethics has been established in 2013 whose mission is to shape the academic community into responsible and trustworthy citizens by making them think independently and show compassion to fellow beings and nature. The objective of the Centre for Human is to inculcate a proper sense of values and ethics to the young professionals. Education is not confined to imparting of information or providing the requisite skills to the students to venture out in the world. When knowledge and learning are associated solely with economics and development devoid of ethics, then an overarching conception of human good and violence against humanity becomes banal. Moral choices are not always black and white, but they still have to be made. Instilling a sense of professional ethics, with deep commitments to the cause of society and humanity has to be ingrained side by side. A socially sensitive individual with a strong sense of purpose and self-discipline is an essential pre-requisite for a nation constantly trying to strengthen its democratic traditions. Ethics and values like integrity, trusteeship, harmony, accountability, inclusiveness, commitment, responsibility, resourcefulness, belongingness, and sustainability are essential indices. The Centre undertakes various activities like Workshops, Symposium, Extension Lectures, Debates, Seminars, and Film screenings with discussions

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